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Juan Diaz’s art work concentrates on themes of human freedom, respect, equality, life and death.

The diverse styles of his work are the interpretation of the reality that surrounding him, it illustrates the inner layers of humanity and the outer stories of everyday life. Through this, his hope is to reach the inner sensitivity of the audience, allowing them to experience the diversity of life.

Memorial Garden, 2017

Mixed Media on Muslin, 6.2 feet x 11.11 feet

These two large panels of collaged flowers are a collaboration I created along with members of the community. I started this part of the project by drawing flowers on paper, around 70 or 80, then cut them out. I brought the flowers to the Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Southwest Florida and children and families of survivors along with museum employees and other members of the community each chose a flower to paint. The idea was that each flower would be painted by an individual and then I would put them all together in the end to create one garden of flowers. Some of the flowers were inspired by real flowers but many were imagined and in the end all became very unique on their own because they were painted however the individual wanted them to look. When I returned to my studio, I was searching for a way to place all the flowers onto one unified piece, and I realized that the project is all about union and coming together to recognize each other as human beings. So I connected every flower by its roots and made it possible to see through the earth. What I understood at the end is that we are all rooted in the same earth: the planet earth. It doesn't matter how we think of ourselves, or how others think of us, we all come from one place. I hope my work has conveyed this unity and connection.

Thank you to all who painted the flowers and thank you to the Holocaust Museum and Education Center of Southwest Florida for this truly wonderful opportunity.